Photo Living in peace?

Living in peace?

To live in peace is the desire of most normal people, especially when going through the vicissitudes of life. Yet, do we really know what it is about? Peace is a daily life ideal that must not be separated from each individual according to the goal set by Prem Rawat, an illustrious ambassador of peace. To deepen the subject, we will give you some vivid meanings of "living in peace".

Living away from violence and conflict

Roughly, we can define the words "live in peace" as a life free from violence, fear, war and conflict. Indeed, if we do not take into account the details, it will be the exact meaning of these words. Moreover, conflicts and violence are the main factors of disorder in the life of each individual. It is therefore normal that their absence rhymes with a peaceful life.

Being in harmony with oneself

To live in peace begins and concerns above all your own person. It is impossible to live peacefully if you are in conflict with yourself. We are talking here about inner peace. Normally, it is a gift we are born with but the turmoil of life can have a demeaning impact on each of us and breaks it. Therefore, we have to get rid of the negative feelings that can haunt your mind; be it: 

  • Hatred and contempt for someone, 
  • Grudge, 
  • Stress, 
  • Fear, etc.

You just need to avoid the factors that can cause these feelings. Then you have to have peace of mind. Whenever there are things that bother you that causes you unrest, you have to settle them straight right away. Your disagreements with other people and the evil acts you have done may be detrimental to your inner peace. Opening up to others by forgiving those who harmed you or by doing a charitable act can help remedy this.

Being in harmony with others

In addition to inner peace, there is also peace with other individuals. Indeed, to live in peace, it will eliminate conflicts and disputes with our fellow men. Peace is always praised to bring tranquility to this world. There are many organizations working to advocate for peace around the world like Prem Rawat, which makes it the very reason for its existence.

How to be in harmony with others? It's simple, it will settle disagreements without going through the conflicts of wars. But the most important thing is to have an attitude of respect to ensure everyone is at their place.

Moreover, a dispute cannot bring your inner peace. Harmony with nature and the environment can also be included with this concept. Indeed, everything around us is an integral part of our daily lives. We will have to consider them as one of ours and we need to be making peace with them all.

Living in peace is a broad concept that everyone seeks to establish at all costs. If everyone could make the pursuit of peace their everyday purpose, life would be really wonderful...

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